Best UK Replica Cartier Vintage Collection: Explore the Most Important Timepieces in the Maison’s History

It had only been days since luxury fake Cartier launched its Vintage collection in Singapore, and all eight available pieces were already snapped up at private client presentations – even before the public got to see them. The new owners of the watches cannot be more lucky, for our city is the third and last market in the world selected for the honour of retailing this exclusive collection so far.

Cartier Vintage is such a small collection that only a total of over 20 watches have been offered since it launched in London in 2019, and in Paris last December. Conceived by a small group of experts from the maison’s Image, Style and Patrimony department, and led by none other than its influential director Pierre Rainero, it is a permanent programme that showcases the brand’s watchmaking heritage through the rigorous sourcing, authentication and restoration of its most important and symbolic old timepieces.
It is similar to the Cartier Tradition programme, which also involves the purchase of iconic jewels and timepieces back from customers for restoration and resale to new clients, but best quality copy Cartier Vintage currently focuses only on mechanical watches made from the early 1970s to early 2010s.
Never a better time
For horology connoisseurs and fans of the brand, this is indeed a most timely and welcome move – for the esteem of Swiss movement fake Cartier watches have soared so dramatically in the past decade that they are now commanding top dollar in the auction and vintage sectors.

Case in point: In December 2019, a 1990/91 yellow gold case copy Cartier Crash offered at Christie’s New York shattered the estimates of US$70,000 to US$90,000 to set a new auction record of US$225,000 (S$303,358). Experts even said that a similar model from the ’70s and ’80s with the original version of the dial could easily garner double that amount.
While the investment value of high-end fake Cartier watches have skyrocketed over the years, proving that they have withstood the test of time and market sentiment, it is certainly reassuring to collectors that the maison is standing by its creations with this programme. Also, how else could one be truly satisfied with a vintage watch purchase if it didn’t bear the maker’s own stamp of approval? Each piece comes presented in the signature Cartier red box with an eight- year warranty through Cartier Care and a new authenticity certification. And isn’t it heartening knowing that every one of them passed through the very hands of the stewards of Cartier’s heritage?
Working with trusted partners from watch fairs to specialised retailers and internal teams, these experts select the worthy pieces and authenticate them by examining them right down to the individual components. Upon successful validation, the watches are fully refurbished by the maison’s finest talents in the Manufacture department based on a strict restoration and quality control policy that ensures their integrity, functionality and originality.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to present these emblematic, mythical and rare Cartier copy timepieces with Roman numerals hour markers in Singapore. As one of the few markets to provide this gesture, we believe that the permanent Cartier Vintage offering will be a new and wonderful experience for our watchmaking connoisseurs,” says Anne Yitzhakov, managing director of Cartier Singapore and Malaysia.

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