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A Perthshire family is appealing for the safe return of the valuable Swiss made Cartier replica watches which went missing from an elderly COVID patient’s hospital bedside.

Zoe Dark, who has Piece, a family-run takeaway in Aberfeldy, is offering a reward to try and get back her father’s beloved timepiece, a 33-year-old keepsake that never normally comes off his wrist.

Her dad David Harrod (85) was discharged last Monday from ward 17 at Ninewells, the specialist COVID-19 area in the Dundee hospital.

The retired property developer has survived the worst of the virus after staying in hospital for two weeks.

Despite being double jabbed, he took drugs for rheumatoid arthritis which compromised his immune system and he caught the virus.

David collapsed at home and was taken to Ninewells.

Great medical care saw him recover, but his joy at being able to return home was dampened by leaving without the treasured timepiece he had been given in 1988 by his wife Monica to mark their 20th wedding anniversary.

Zoe told the PA that her father sent it to Switzerland for maintenance every year and she had all the serial numbers to identify it if it was found.

She added that it was a heavy object and could not be ‘lost’ in bedsheets without being noticed.

The Cartier Santos fake watches are worth £9000 but David only insured it for £1000.

But she said the top replica watches‘ real value was its significance as a special gift from her mum to her dad.

David gave a similar timepiece to his wife at the same time.

Having asked the hospital and reported the loss to the police, with no positive leads, Zoe put out an appeal on several Facebook pages.

“My lovely and to be honest, quite miraculous dad has just come out of Ninewells after battling COVID,” she said.

“He still has a long way to go but we are so grateful for all the excellent care he received whilst in HDU and ward 17.

“However, a bad taste has been left in my mouth as while in ward 17, Dad’s high quality super clone watches were ‘borrowed’ from his bedside table.

“He has had the copy watches online shop for 33 years as Mum and him got matching ones for their 20th wedding anniversary.

“He never takes it off normally, but it was irritating his wrist last Friday due to the cannulas in his arm.

“So he took it off and left it on his bedside table.

 “I have exhausted all the usual routes with Ninewells and have now handed the investigation over to Tayside Police.

“However, if anyone sees or hears of the AAA perfect replica Cartier Santos watches for sale please get in touch.

“There is a reward for its return with no repercussions.

“The best UK replica watches are obviously insured but my dad didn’t insure it for its full value, so we couldn’t even afford to replace it so getting the original returned would mean so much to the whole family.

“Please folks, let’s see if we can reunite an old man with his old faithful timepiece.”

A spokesperson for NHS Tayside said: “The senior charge nurse from ward 17 is in direct contact with the family about the fake watches with Swiss movements.

“The public should be reassured that every effort is made to ensure the safety of their personal belongings whilst they are in hospital. Staff and members of the public are advised not to bring any valuable items or large sums of money into hospital.

“NHS Tayside takes any alleged incident of theft seriously and works closely with Police Scotland and acts on their advice as appropriate. Staff are encouraged to report all incidents of missing items, no matter how small.

“We regularly promote the message that ‘security is everyone’s responsibility’ and both staff and members of the public can all play their part in reducing theft and crime across all of our sites.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “On Tuesday, July 20, officers received a report of the theft of the cheap knockoff watches from Ninewells Hospital in Dundee. Enquiries are ongoing into this matter.”

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