The ambassadorship for the Swiss movement fake Pasha de Cartier line, alongside other personalities like Rami Malek and Maisie Williams. Cartier replica has put together a diverse line-up, and Sivan’s inclusion succinctly demonstrates just how versatile the Pasha is despite having a classic design through and through.

The first item from Cartier I owned was the Clash ring. I love wearing it, and I think it helped me realise how powerful accessorising can be. When Cartier reached out to me, I was very honoured. The brand has always been the ultimate symbol of classic cool to me, and to be involved in the Pasha campaign is such a privilege.
I wear the blue hands replica Pasha de Cartier replica watches online shop a lot. It gives me confidence when I have it on, and I think it’s especially valuable when you want to inspire yourself or add more depth to your style.
As for the Pasha’s #MakeYourOwnPath campaign, it’s all about having faith and confidence in your perspective and honesty. When you work hard at what you love to make something that you believe in, the path will show itself to you. That’s what I try to do: I try to push and better myself all the time. I think the main thing I’ve learnt from my success so far is that there really are no rules. Do what feels right, trust your instincts, take risks and enjoy yourself. Personally, I’m most proud when someone mentions that a song or album of mine has been the soundtrack to a particular season in his or her life. I love when that happens to me with music, so I’m always really honoured when it happens to someone else.
Yes, definitely. I like to wear a high quality copy watch because it’s a confident accessory – it isn’t just functional, but also exudes coolness and sexiness. On the whole, I think that there’s a timelessness to the Pasha’s design. It’s classic, but also modern and fresh. And it stands for something.
As for my favourite, it’s the reference in steel that I wore for the #MakeYourOwnPath campaign. When we were shooting for it, we didn’t have a watch chosen for us. Instead, we each got to pick which one we liked, so I picked that particular one, because it just felt the most like me.

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